In the past year, the listing prices for homes in the United States have increased by around 14 percent. This has led to a number of people making the decision to put their homes on the market to get the maximum return on their real estate investment. Making a plan for the best way to sell your existing home is crucial when trying to avoid mistakes along the way.

Attempting to use the for sale by owner model to sell your property can have a number of pitfalls. If saving money during the sale of your home is a top concern, then you need to explore the option of working with a flat-fee real estate broker. Here are some of the reasons why working with a flat fee real estate broker is beneficial.

The Definition of Flat Fee Real Estate Broker

If you are new to the world of real estate, you might be unfamiliar with the term flat fee real estate broker. The flat fee part of this term refers to the fixed charge a property owner pays a real estate or broker. Regular real estate agents will charge a commission based on the final price the home sells for. As you can imagine, this commission-based setup can get quite costly.

Pay a Lower Cost For Professional Help

One of the main reasons why homeowners prefer using flat fee brokers is due to the overall cost. The average real estate agent will command between three to six percent commission on the homes they sell. Trying to go the for sale by owner route can be problematic because you don’t have multiple listing services (MLS) a real estate broker has. Unless you already have a buyer lined up, you need to avoid for sale by owner.

A flat fee real estate broker will have access to the MLS. This means they can create a listing for your home and get it sold in no time.

A Lower Level of Commitment

Working with a traditional real estate agent will usually lock you into a contract. This contract will also lock you into paying the real estate agent up to six percent of your home’s total sale price. Using a flat fee real estate agent provides you with far more flexibility and less commitment. The team at iRealty Flat Fee Brokerage is passionate about helping out clients get the best price for their homes.

The Guidance You Need

Selling a home can be a very complex process. If this is your first time selling a home, then you will need the guidance of a flat fee real estate agent to choose the right price for your property. Having the right professional guidance can make the process of selling a home easier and far less stressful.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with using a flat fee real estate broker. If you are ready to sell your existing home, iRealty Flat Fee Brokerage is here to help.