Real State Negotiation Expert Services

This is in conjunction with an experienced real estate attorney and staff to handle all legal aspect and the affiliate company iRealty Title Services, Inc., to perform all core title services.

negotiation servicesOur Negotiation & Closing Coordination Services include the following not limited to:

1. We will inform all Realtors on the MLS that we will be negotiating all offers on your behalf.

2. Contract Presentation and Negotiation We will accept the Offer to Purchase paperwork on your behalf. Present it to you. Discuss with you all your options
and how you would like to respond to the offer.

3. Counter-Offer Preparation, Presentation, & Finalization
We will prepare all Counter-Offer paperwork and present it to the buyer (or their agent) on your behalf. Once all parties agree, we will make sure all paperwork has been accepted, signed and delivered.

4. Hold Earnest Money Funds
The title company will accept the earnest money deposit on your behalf.

5. Contract Follow-up
We will make sure that any and all Contingencies are met and removed in a timely matter, as set forth in the Contract.

Ordering Title Commitment & Title Insurance
We will place an order for the necessary Title Insurance. When the Title Commitment is issued, we will forward you a copy for review. We will also advise you on any issues, which may need to be addressed, in order to transfer merchantable title to the buyer.

7. We will keep you updated and informed throughout the Closing process.

8. We will order a “Mortgage Payoff Letter” from your current Lender.

9. We will make sure that all Tax Prorations are calculated properly.

10. We will schedule your Closing and communicate the Closing Schedule to all parties.

11. We will forward your Closing Statement to you prior to closing for review.

12. We will follow-up and make sure that closing funds are transferred properly to satisfy any Payoffs.

13. We will follow-up and make sure the Closing Documents are Recorded at the County Recorder’s Office.

14. We will report your property as “Sold” to the MLS and all websites.