On this blog, we’ve talked about the value of flat fee MLS listings for home sellers, going over some of the ways in which these systems can work positively for people who want to divest themselves of real estate without paying massive commissions to agents and going the conventional way with a property sale.

Today, let’s talk about some of the key services that you can expect when signing up for our flat fee MLS listing service. These extras are in the mid-tier and top-tier packages, along with other helpful aspects of assisting you with a property sale.

Yard Sign

Some of our packages include yard signs that are a stock-in-trade for professional agents. These provide on-the-ground visibility for a property as it sits on the market. They’re simple creations of paper and metal, but we know their value, and that’s why we included them in the services that we provide to sellers. 


The lockbox is there to provide carefully vetted access to professionals or others who want to conduct a showing. It’s also common in conventional real estate, and we include it with these more extensive flat fee MLS listing packages.

Broker Consulting

Since you don’t have a regular agent to talk to, you can utilize our broker consulting process as part of this package. That’s the support you can lean on when you’re trying to do this kind of real estate deal for the first time or even if you’re more seasoned with these types of sales.

Property Website

These sales also go on our property website for more online visibility. People are finding that they can find buyers without using an agent to get people into the property to view it. This, again, can save a lot of money on a particular property sale. For instance, 6% of $200,000 is $12,000, much of which can be saved with an alternative self sale process.

Open House

With our innovative MLS listing system, you are also free to conduct open houses of the property. This is another route to finding the right buyer for making a deal and heading to the settlement table.

Real estate has changed a lot in recent years. Think about how flat fee MLS listing in Illinois can help you to accomplish your real estate goals in a new way. You may be surprised how easy this is!