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A Flat Fee Brokerage is a respected element of the real estate community.
They enable those selling on their own to market, navigate and transact within the real estate arena.


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Why was the model of a Discount Brokerage chosen by iRealty?

The owner of iRealty, Vanessa Carlson started out working as an agent in a large corporate brokerage in 2006.  While adapting to the new position observations were made regarding selling a home for a client  The property is entered on the MLS system and to notify buyers to contact the broker if they are interested. The vast majority of the time another broker is involved. This is the same as a home owner listing on the MLS. Also, after the contract was executed and passed on to the attorneys, there was really not much left to do for an agent.  Another major change happened due to the inundation of foreclosures hitting the market. Brokers do not meet clients at the property to show to other brokers.  There is either a lock box on the door or the sellers have to be present to let potential buyers in.  Yes, the office schedules the appointment but, that is something the client can very well do for themselves. State laws have ensured that the seller is not completing the transaction on their own.  The broker is required to guide and address all concerns as well as oversee the contract.

What gives iRealty and advantage is that we only work only in Illinois unlike the national corporate companies.  They have to locate a broker and blindly trust them to handle the transaction.


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Vanessa Carlson
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