Sometimes you feel like you just don’t have the right resources when it comes to selling a piece of property.

A real estate transaction is a particular process. We all know this, but sometimes you don’t think about it until it’s really time to sell. And then you might end up wrestling with some pretty tricky issues involving finances.

First of all, you face capital gains taxes on the sale. But after that, you also have other costs that can be problematic.

Let’s talk about the conventional way of doing real estate sales – with a real estate agent, and then the alternative of getting a quick cash offer for your home.

And then we’ll talk about an even better third way to sell real estate! When you start to think outside the box, you can really save yourself time and money. That’s just how it is in real estate. 

Conventional Real Estate Agent Processes

Most people selling real estate just hire an agent to control the process for them on their behalf. The agent does a lot of things, from advertising and listing to working with a buyer’s agent. But at the end of that, the agent gets 3%.

For a deal of $250,000, that’s $7500.

It’s quite a lot of money, and leads some to think about how to do a deal in a different way. 

Quick Cash Deals

That’s a lot of money out of people’s pockets, and then there are all the hurdles you have to jump through with home inspections and other parts of the deal. People see themselves getting nickel and dimed as sellers and so they may want to go the other route and get a quick cash offer on a property.

Yes, you can get out of a deal quickly this way, but you are not going to get top dollar, because there’s no competitive bidding process by buyers.

In order to do that, you need to get the property where buyers can see it. On the MLS!

The Third Way

What if you could list your property on the MLS yourself?

Then buyer’s agents would see it, but you wouldn’t be hiring your own selling agent.

That technology is here.

You have the ability to do your own MLS listing for a flat fee.

People are finding out about this, and they are excited!

Sophisticated sellers who want to save more money and make more on every real estate deal are using MLS flat fee listing services to get the deals done.

Browse our site for more about this process. The key is to have a reliable service that you can trust. Here we are! Ask  us about how to sell your home with a flat fee MLS listing plan today.